I Saw A Bird

TITLE: I Saw a Bird

INSPIRATION: Today was gray and cloudy, which is odd for North Texas in May. It looked more like January outside than May. As I looked out the window into our backyard this morning, I saw a bird land on our lawn chair. In its beak was a massive weed, which looked like it should’ve been far too heavy for the bird to be able to carry. Immediately my mind went to a subject that I’ve been contemplating quite a lot lately: the role of suffering in our lives.

I think that often we want seasons of suffering, whether the suffering is great or relatively small, to end as quickly as possible. We are so bad at allowing suffering to do its work in us—to transform our hearts and cause us to rely more and more on God.

Comfort and stability are constant idols of mine, but suffering, though it’s hard for a moment, is meant to produce worship in me and increase my reliance on God alone.

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